Din prea multa dragoste - Episodul 105



The episode with Pam coming to Nivedita’s room and asks why did she call Ronnie to the party and created havoc. Nivedita says no. Pam says she called Ronnie here and informed each details of the party and she saw her facial expressing after Ronnie left insulting Neil and Ragini. Nivedita accepts and says she wanted to humiliate Ragini. Pam asks why did she humiliate her brother also. Nivedita says he left her in between without engagement. Pam says she can do anything with Ragini, but not hurt her brother. Nivedita says she cannot see Neil with Ragini, etc. Pam says she will inform Neil about her plans. Nivedita says Ronnie knew about Neil’s continual affair with Rupali even after marriage, so he confronted Neil, now Neil must be feeling guilty already and she will make

him feel more guilty. Pam stops.
Ragini sees Neil in hospital and fumes. Neil tries to speak but she does. After working hours, he stops her in parking lot and says he never betrayed her and though some issues happened, he felt it is not important to tell her. He says he will tell what happened in US and goes into flashback where he meets Rupali and goes to her home. In the morning, Rupali says they got intimate after getting drunk. He says he cannot as he loves only his wife now. He comes out of flashback and tells Ragini that is all happened. She asks why did not he tell her yesterday. He says she did not let him speak more. He asks her to forgive him and forget everything. She says she is not that weak and says she will forgive him, but he should not repeat it again. He agrees and they continue their conversation. He drops her home.

Ragini reaches home. Badi naani asks how was her shop work. Ragini says she works in hospital and asks Sunny tai to bring her ginger tea. She calls Arav and asks where is he. Arav says he is at his friend Akash’s house and will come in the morning. Akash asks him why did he lie. Arav says he does not know till when he has to run away from babu bhai and hide also from his family.

Sunny and naani see Ragini smiling and think she is still in shock regarding yesterday’s incident. They try to cheer her up and asks her to forget the past and think of her future. Ragini smiles and says she has already.

In the hospital, Neil tells Ronnie they should tell everyone that they want to reunite, and then she can wrap up here and stay with him in US. She says she spent her whole life here and still children’s education is incomplete. He says Suhani and Agam are yet to study, Nishi is married, Arav wants to do stay US and can has more business oppurtunities there. Ragini gets call from nurse and she leaves saying Neil she needs some time to think.

In cafeteria, Neil tells Ragin again that he wants to spend time with her. She says she wants some time to think. He says she spoke to his hospital dean about her job there, and he agreed thinking it is good if husband and wife work together and continues luring her with his talks. She smiles and asks if American chilli is mild. He says very mild. She says she will add Indian chilli for him. He says she can use any chilli for him and he will plant a tree for her in their garden. Ragini says she is worried about Arav and Ranvir as they don’t get along. He says they did not stay together, so they are fighting and he is there to control them in America. Aman comes and asks if he is going back to America.
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